About Tanohata Village

Tanohata Village in Iwate is coastal community situated on the north part of Sanriku Coast. Gently-sloping mountains run from the middle of the village and highlands are spread to the west. In the east, there are rocky cliffs called “the Alps of the sea.” In winter, it doesn’t snow much. In summer, there is a cold wind called “yamase,” which descends from coastal area to inland area. Through four seasons, it has cool climate. At coastal area, rare alpine species, Rhododendron branchycarpum grow widely.

It is not an endemic species, but it is a natural monument of Iwate. The cool climate and humidity caused by yamase make this singular environment. You can also find big beech trees.
The main industries in Tanohata are fishery and dairy farming. Fishing boats leave from small ports surrounded by rocky cliffs and fishers catch salmon by fix netting, catch sea urchins and abalones and raise seaweed and kelp at Sanriku Coast. Dairy farming make use of its rich nature and geographical features.

Farmers try to produce high-quality milk and dairy products by grazing production, which is a friendly way for both human and the earth.

Tanohata Village map